"It's people just living, moving about with their lives and trying to get through the day, the week, the month, the year. This life is not easy but when I can get a shot of some joy or even the sadness, I guess, I don't feel as alone as I do at times. We're all going through the same thing at some level and being able to capture humankind at moments that some don't think are worth remembering or seem significant turn out to be moments that are worth taking a second look at. All our lives are worth that." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Taking this Image I thought him a gentleman. A gentleman though that also seemed like a patient wolf." - Andre Steven Rutgersen From the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

"Deep down we all want to be acknowledged in some way. He knew what was happening even with the distance between us there was a connection. The atmosphere, his friends, the energy, he gave me something fantastic. It really never happens that stamp of approval from a stranger to my camera. This makes me not give up on humanity." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing cookies." - Diane Arbus (Photographer)

"It's capturing moments like this that make what I do worth doing. These two might have forgotten this moment of real laughter and joy but my camera won't. The lens looks for real touching humanity all the time and were both always over joyed to find it." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

American Made

Lindenhurst Long Island, NY

New York, NY 2020

Babylon Village, Long Island, NY

"Blue Life..."

“Unless it hurts, unless there’s some vulnerability there, I don’t think you’re going to get good photographs.” - Martin Parr

"When people see the camera you never know how they'll react. I'm always surprised. He broke out in a smile and everything changed in an instant. From one frame to the next a story unfolded. A risk was taken by us both that day and it paid off. That to me is the power of photography." - Andre Steven Rutgersen *One of the above Images featured in the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & Few More Observations" 2021

"It's the simplest moments captured that are the most Interesting. I'm not an expert, I just photograph what I think should be and there are moments, faces, I just can't look away from." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

DJ Fastforward / Pierre - "To this day he doesn't know how much he affected me, how he changed my life. It's something I can't thank him enough for, the good times and the bad times, some of the best times of my life." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"There was a time that nothing else existed except music, when he would play an album or spin at an event, even photography came second. He has a huge garden now, I bet even that has a rhythm." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"DJ Fastforward"...Quebec, Canada June 2005

"August 2006, Quebec, Canada"

"June 2005, Quebec, Canada"

Bandmates and Friends! Father and Son, Eric and Patrick

Mr. Mulligan and Jr. "One father is more than a thousand school masters." - George Herbert (Poet) Long Island, NY 2022

“I always pray for that one image. Not a perfect one but a telling one.” - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Wherever there's light one can photograph. And that's when the ordinary becomes extraordinary." - Elliot Erwitt

Coreyanne and her Clan New Haven Connecticut 2021

Coreyanne A. 2021

"I spy the camera guy..."

"There are outtakes that I find to be some of the best takes." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Alan N...Color Guard, Always On Guard"

"Reservation for Two! Evan and Meaghan!"

Back Around To The Way Back! "I've know him since we were teenagers, over 30 years. I absolutely love and adore him." - w/ Lani P. 1990 NYC

"Jason M. He's So Gonna Score!"

"When that contact with the camera is made I just don't know what'll happen. The unpredictability of the human condition is what the camera loves. I've been pretty fortunate so far." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"I have been trying to just capture something. People, as delicate as we are. It's okay to show that and I always felt it was something I was being lead to." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Whenever I can I love to photograph our country's flag in a photo. It's not an easy thing to capture in a candid moment but when it happens it's inspiring and makes me extremely proud. Not just to be American but proud of the men and women that have put their lives on the line day in and out for us all. For all of our freedoms. For everything we stand for. How on earth can anyone who lives here and loves this country and everything it stands for not feel that? How?!" - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Had I posed this shot I might have ruined it. Taking an Image like this I knew I had it. Got it right. This doesn’t work for just the 4th of July but everyday of the year." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Practice, Practice, Practice, Bob F.!"

"Shane S."

"Drum Solo, Big Paulie!"

“God creates beauty. My camera and I are a witness.” - Mark Denman

"Pipes and Drums"...

"Professional's and amateur's always know that photographing anything in black and white, your stepping into a completely different world. It feels like time just doesn't exist there." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Taghkanic, NY route 82..."

"Two Worlds..."

"Captree, Long IIsland..."

"Duncan Barfuss out and about"...

"If half of what they say is true, look at me when I rock with you!" - Besties

"Celebration!"American Legion Post 94 Chaplain Rev. Leonard Davis Lindenhust Long Island, NY 2022

Babylon Village, Long Island NY American Legion Post 94 Chaplain Rev. Leonard Davis 2024

"Elleseus, Summer Concert Quebec 2006"...


"Joe T. Practice Makes Progress..."

"Photographer Photographed... Andre Rutgersen, photo taken, provided and courtesy of Maritess Gonzales"

"A Harley Quinn In Babylon"

Nassau County, 2020

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really mean is that I’d like to know them.” – Annie Leibovitz

"Matt B"...

"There is a timelessness to black and white photography. There's also this cult of nostalgia with it too. Your facing the past and the present at the same time. That's what's so wonderful about it and why almost every photographer can't help but go back to it again and again." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Round Hill, Connt."....


"Mary Carroll's"...

"Just Kids..."

Rebecca Y. Tartan Day, NYC

"Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms." - Thomas Gray

"BBoy Brandon 🏳️‍🌈"...

"DJ Fastforward / Pierre"...



"Paticus Beach"...

"Bob M."...drummer


"Dennis...Colorguard Life"...

"Blue Life"...

"Robert J."...

"Paulie Bagpipes and Robert J." ...he spies me!

"Roisin Dubh Pipe Band"...

"John M"...


"Bagpipers Practice" Joe(L) and Paulie Bagpipes(R)

from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

"Captree" ...Robert B.

"Captree"...Robert B


"Robert B."...Staten Island

"Don't Shoot The Messenger" On Set with Lauren F.

"Evan"...bass drummer

Babylon Village, NY "Caught catching a moment."

"George R." ...from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

"Bob and Shawn" bandmates and friends from the portrait photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021


from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observatrions"

from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observatrions" 2021

“Good black and white photography is not about the removal of colour." - Rob Sheppard (Photographer)

All three images, "Jonathan and daughter" from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

The above three photos: Gay Pride Babylon Village, Long Island NY, featured in the portrait photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observations" 2021

New York, NY "Dragon Clouds"

New York, NY "Day Dream Nation"

New York, NY "Imperfect Perfection"

Fire Island, NY "Field of Dreams"

November 2019

the above image from the photography book "Faces, Outtakes & A Few More Observatrions" 2021

Babylong Docks, Babylon Village Suffolk County, Long Island, NY