"My re-birth began when I picked up the camera again. I let go of a lot of things because those things were holding me back from what I wanted to do. I stopped letting everything and everyone else dictate who and what I am. From that point on I said I won't apologize for my work or for the person that I am. I've been pushing buttons for a long time but it's the camera shutter button that I love pushing best. The camera takes away something when it captures an Image but what it gives back, to me is Immeasurable. Some sessions that were planned and executed didn't always yield the planned result, what that did was force me to work harder on newer ideas to succeed where I had failed. The wigs, props, make-up, outfits; all of it helping me to transform myself. Altering my natural into something not natural, the reshaping of a face and figure with lighting and make-up alone a challenge. Of course it was trial and error for me but I am very happy with what has been produced. I love every part of the process. I love being daring and trying different things. To me that's what photography is about. I don't want to do anything else as long as I'm alive. " - Andre Steven Rutgersen

ANDRE AT 50! "He's living his life the way he wants and is taking us all on his journey with his work. Personally? Whatta f**king amazing ride so far and I'm glad to be here for it." - Natalie West (Photographer) June 2024 *Photos by Natalie West*

"He's living in his work, his art and from what I've seen isn't scared to take chances but at the same time has told me how terrified he is too. That's honest and I respect that. "

"He's a complete goofball. A big silly kid that I don't think ever got to be the kid he was."

"“It’s photography, have fun with it, be weird." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

“I was once told my dreams were silly and to be realistic. Look at where I am now. What a great f**king feeling.” - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Giving 0 F*&k's!" - In homage to Ferry van der Nat

"Always pushing buttons I am." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Modesty Imperfect."

"I can't Imagine doing anything else, ever!" - Andre Steven Rutgersen

“It’s about bringing a light in this world that’s most times very dark. Accepting who and what you are is the beginning of this. I’m embracing it, I love it.” - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"I've made so many mistakes over the years. Getting to this point now and finding my rhythm I've realized that the misstep's are part of the dance of my life." - Andre Steven Rutgersen *Photo by and Courtesy of Paul Rutgersen*

“For creative people, it’s about staying open to it all. That’s part of where creating comes from. The trick is to stay thin-skinned and still survive.” - Montgomery Clift (Actor)

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…” - Elliot Erwitt (Photographer)

“I’ve always thought every portrait a photographer takes is a self portrait. There’s a piece of all photographers in their pictures. We’re telling you our story all you have to do is look.” - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Neo Noir"

"Having a break from the serious, we're never too old to be that kid that loves movies." - Andre Steven Rutgersen

"Who Say's All I Do Is Take Goofy Pic's With Shiny Props?"

"Oh You Pretty Thing!"

“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.” - Photographer Paul Strand

"Moon Child"

"Marilyn '62"

"In The Eye Of The Viewfinder"

"Blue Is The Warmest Color"

"Writers Block"...feature in the self portrait photography book "Picture This..." 2022

"Blonde's Ambition"

As "Sammy Davis Jr." for Vanity Fair Magazine by Phil Stern 1949...

an ode to James Bidgood's 1971 film "Pink Narcsissus"

An ode and personal interpretation to one of Edward Steichen's self portraits.

"Cab Calloway circa 1930's"

"Cary Grant" On The Set of "The Toast Of New York" 1933


"Heavy Lies The Crown"...from the portrait photography book "Into The Lens"

"Flower Power

ode to Richard "Domiva"

ode to Edward "Anna May Wong Redux".

"Silence is Golden"